Dear Dr. Nelson,

The Contemporary Pedagogy course was a great and a very rewarding adventure! The more important aspect for me is that the course created a very strong sense of community – a welcoming place to discuss various themes, to express yourself, to listen to different perspectives and above all, to learn with you, the GEDI knights, and the other students. I am very glad because people here were so diverse – all kinds of diversity, but especially diversity of thought and experiences. At the end, I can say that this course has become for me not only a place of forward-thinking learning, but also a place of confidence and trust.

I really appreciate the thoughtfully curated selection of readings and how the subjects went unfolding – the ‘logical’ chain of development. The main themes that I most enjoyed to learn and work were: Connected learning / presence of technology as a promising resource; Applied learned-centered approaches; Learning as a source of freedom, consciousness and social change.

In my personal journey, the course was really reaffirming and had a great impact, since it has reinforced and grounded in the literature some of my personal beliefs about teaching and learning. I highlight the open and ‘libertarian’ ideas showing that being authentic as a teacher is possible and viable! The pathway we followed encouraged me to pursue my education and my aspiration to be a teacher in the future.

I think I have now more elements to answer the question I had in my very first blog post: What is a meaningful learning? Today, I would answer that a meaningful learning is one that includes mindfulness, diversity (of experience, of thought and of choice), creativity, authentic voices and that offers to the students, at the same time, freedom to walk their own learning path and references to guide them through the way.

Thank you all, Dr. Nelson and colleagues, very much for the opportunity.


One thought on “Dear Dr. Nelson,

  1. You are most welcome, dear Najla! There’s so much in that last sentence…I will be thinking about your carefully chosen qualities of “meaningful learning” for a long time. Thank you for that, and for all you did to create and build the community that nourished our learning this semester. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with this group!

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